Compliance Matrix

    Given below is a checklist of mandatory guidelines outlined in this document. Departments may use this checklist to validate their websites against these guidelines and make necessary modification to ensure compliance.

    To view details of each guideline, click on the links download complete compliance matrix

    1 Department has nominated a Web Information Manager as defined in the guidelines. 10.1.1
    2 It has been ensured that all stationery of the department as well as advertisements/public messages issued by the concerned Department prominently display the URL of the web site. 9.2.1,
    3 Website has the following clearly defined policies and plans approved by the web information manager. 10.7
    1. Copyright Policy. 3.1.1
    2. Content Contribution, Moderation & Approval (CMAP) policy. 5.2.1
    3. Content Archival (CAP) policy. 10.4
    4. Content Review (CRP) policy. 5.2.3
    5. Hyper linking Policy. 3.2.1
    6. Privacy Policy. 3.4.2
    7. Terms & Conditions. 3.3.1
    8. Website Monitoring Plan. 10.3
    9. Contingency Management Plan. 8.3
    10. Security Policy. 7.7.2
    4 Source of all documents, not owned by the dept. that have been reproduced in part or full, is mentioned. 3.1.5
    5 Due permissions have been obtained for publishing any content protected by copyright. 3.1.4
    6 Home page of website displays the last updated/reviewed date. 5.2.2
    7 Complete information including title, size format and usage instructions is provided for all downloadable material. 4.4.7(a),
    8 With respect to each, Circular, Notification, Document, 4.2.3 (a,d,e),
    Form, Scheme, Service and Recruitment notice, 4.2.4 (b,d),
    The following should be clearly listed in the Website:
    a. Complete title 4.2.5 (b,c),
    b. Language (if other than English) 4.2.6 (c,e,f),
    d. Purpose/procedure to apply (as applicable) 4.2.7 (a,d),
    e. Validity (if applicable) 4.2.9 (a,b,d)
    9 All outdated, irrelevant content (like Announcements, Tenders, Recruitment notices, News and Press Releases) is removed from the website and/or placed into the archives as per the archival policy. 5.2.6
    10 The language is free from spelling and grammatical errors. 5.3.5
    11 Mechanism is in place to ensure that there are no ‘broken links’ (internal as well as external) or ‘Page not found’ errors. 3.2.9
    12 There are no links to ‘under construction’ pages. 6.8.4
    13 The mechanism is in place to check the accuracy of Hyperlinked Content and Clear indications are given when a link leads out to a non government website. 3.2.8,
    14 Website provides a prominent link to the ‘National Portal’ from the Home Page and Pages belonging to National Portal load in new browser window. 2.3.1,
    15 Association to Government is demonstrated by the use of Emblem/Logo in proper ratio and color, prominently displayed on the homepage of the website. 2.1.1,
    16 Ownership information is displayed on the homepage and on all important entry pages of the website and each subsequent page is a standalone entity in terms of ownership, navigation and context of content. 2.1.2
    17 Website uses Cascading Style Sheets to control layouts/styles and incorporates responsive design features to ensure that the interface displays well on different screen sizes. 7.2.1,
    18 Website is readable even when style sheets are switched off or not loaded. 7.2.2
    19 Proper page title and language attribute along with metadata for page like keywords and description are appropriately included. 7.5(k),
    20 Data tables have been provided with necessary tags/markup. 7.5(l)
    21 The website has a readily available Help section linked from all pages of the website. 4.4.6
    22 All information about the department, useful for the citizen and other stakeholders, is present in the ‘About Us’ section and mechanism is in place to keep the information up to date. 4.2.1
    23 Website has a ‘Contact Us’ page providing complete contact details of important functionaries in the department and this is linked from the Home Page and all relevant places in the website. 4.2.11(a)
    24 Feedback is collected through online forms and mechanism is in place to ensure timely response to feedback/queries received through the website. 4.4.5(a)
    25 The website has been tested on multiple browsers. Hindi/Regional language fonts have been tested on popular browsers for any inconsistency (loss of layout). 6.4.3,
    26 Minimum content as prescribed in the guidelines is present on the homepage and all subsequent pages. 4.5.1,
    27 It is ensured through content moderation and approval policy that Website content is free from offensive/discriminatory language. 4.7.2
    28 Text is readable both in electronic and print format and the content prints correctly on an A4 size paper. 6.4.6
    29 Website has cleared security audit. 7.7.1
    30 Website is in the or domain. 2.2.1
    31 Website is hosted in a data centre in india having the following facilities: 8.2.1
    1. State-of-the art multi-tier security infrastructure as well as devices such as firewall and intrusion prevention systems. (a,b,c,
    2. Redundant server infrastructure for high availability.
    3. Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre in a geographically distant location.
    4. Helpdesk & technical assistance on a 24x7x365 basis.
    32 Website is bilingual with a prominent language selection link and uses Unicode characters. 5.7.1
    33 Documents/Pages in multiple languages are updated simultaneously. 5.7.2
    34 Documents are provided either in HTML or other accessible formats. Download details (File Format Size) & instruction for viewing these is provided. 7.4.2 (a)
    35 Mechanism is in place to ensure that all tender/recruitment notices are published/linked through the website. 4.2.8,
    36 All documents have a publish date on the main page. 5.2.5
    1 All non-text content (like images) has a text alternative that provides equivalent information as the image itself. 6.6.3
    2 Scanned Images of text have not been used. 6.6.1
    3 The visual presentation of text and images of text has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 between the foreground and background. Large scale text and images of text have a contrast ratio of 3:1. 6.5.1
    4 Text can be resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of content or functionality. 6.4.5
    5 There is a mechanism to pause, stop or hide scrolling, blinking or auto updating content that starts automatically and lasts for more than 5 seconds. 6.7.3 (b)
    6 Web pages do not contain any content that flashes for more than three times in a second. 6.7.3 (a)
    7 Instructions provided for understanding and operating content do not rely solely on sensory characteristics such as shape, size, visual location, orientation, or sound. 7.5 (d)
    8 Color is not used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element. 6.5.4
    9 Captions or transcript are provided for all prerecorded and live audio and video content. 6.7.2
    (a, b)
    10 For any audio on a Web page that plays automatically for more than 3 seconds, a mechanism is available to pause, stop or control the volume of the audio independently by from system volume level. 6.7.3 (c)
    11 Information, structure, and relationships that are conveyed visually on a web page must also be programmatically determined or are available in text. 5.6.3
    12 When the sequence in which content is presented affects its meaning, a correct reading sequence can be programmatically determined. 5.6.4
    13 All functionality that is available on the web page is operable through keyboard. 7.5 (f)
    14 Complete web page is navigable using keyboard only (using tab or arrow keys). 7.5 (g)
    15 Current navigation location (Keyboard focus indicator) is visible on the webpage while operating or navigating the page through a keyboard. 7.5 (o)
    16 Web pages allow the user to bypass blocks of content like navigation menus that are repeated on multiple pages (by using the skip to content link). 6.8.8
    17 Any web page within the website is locatable either through “search” or a “sitemap”. 6.9.1,
    18 Navigational mechanisms that are repeated across the website occur in the same relative order on each page. 6.8.2,
    19 If a webpage can be navigated sequentially and the navigation sequence affect the meaning of operation, then all components must receive focus in the same meaningful sequence (Creating a logical tab order through links, form controls, and objects). 7.5 (m)
    20 The purpose of each link is clear. 7.5 (h)
    21 Time limit for time dependent web functions is adjustable by the user. 7.5 (c)
    22 Complete & self-explanatory title that describes the topic and purpose of the page has been provided. 2.1.6
    23 Headings wherever used, correctly describe topic or purpose of content. 5.6.1
    24 Language of the complete web page has been indicated. If there is a change in language within a webpage it also indicated. 5.3.7
    25 Nomenclature of components that have the same functionality is uniform across the website. 5.4.2
    26 When any component on the web page receives focus or its settings are changed it does not initiate change in context. 7.5 (j)
    27 Changing the setting of any user interface components does not automatically cause a change in context. 7.5 (i)
    28 If an input error is detected, the item is identified and the error is described to the user in text. Suggestions for correction if known are provided to the user. 7.5 (e)
    7.5 (p)
    29 Labels or instructions have been provided wherever input from the users is required. 7.5 (b)
    30 For Web pages that cause legal commitments or financial transactions a mechanism is available for reviewing, confirming, and correcting information before finalizing the submission. 7.5 (q)
    31 Web Page uses markup language as per specification. 7.5 (a)
    32 Name and Role of all interface components can be programmatically determined. 7.5 (n)
    1 Platform accessibility features have been optimally used and they behave as intended. 11.4.1
    2 Proper labels have been provided for all UI elements. 11.4.2
    3 The role for a UI element is available programmatically so that assistive technology can report this either through speech or Braille. 11.4.3
    4 Hints have been provided for all active UI control elements. 11.4.4
    5 The changes of state of UI controls are dynamically updated and accurately available to the assistive technologies. 11.4.5
    6 Related UI elements have been grouped together. 11.4.6
    7 A non-interactive space of at least one point for iOS or 1 DP for android has been provided between actionable UI elements. 11.4.7
    8 Touch targets are at least 9x9mm regardless of screen size. 11.4.8
    9 Focus is always on the active UI control. 11.4.9
    10 When a UI control has context specific menu items, users are informed that such a menu is present and are able to activate those menu items. 11.4.10
    11 Content when navigated using the screen reader gestures forms a meaningful sequence. 11.4.11
    12 The app resizes its UI elements in accordance with device settings for text size. 11.4.13
    13 Color contrast ratio between foreground text for up to 18 point font and background is at least 4.5:1. 11.4.14
    14 Color & shape is not the only means to communicate important information. 11.4.15
    15 Focus is changed only when the user activates a UI element that is designated for confirming an action such as the Submit button. 11.4.16 (a)
    16 Appropriate keyboard is invoked by the app depending on the type of field or the data that needs to be provided by the user. 11.4.16 (b)
    17 Apps is compatible with hardware keyboard. 11.4.16 (c)
    18 Gestures do not require 3 or more fingers to interact with UI elements. 11.4.17
    19 Session timeouts have been avoided. If a timeout cannot be avoided, then an option has been provided for users to extend the time limit before the timeout occurs. 11.4.18
    20 Captions have been provided for all audio content and subtitles/transcript have been provided for all video content that is accompanied by audio. 11.4.19
    21 For videos that do not have an audio equivalent, audio description for the video content that is crucial for blind users to understand the content has been provided. 11.4.20
    22 No content flashes more than 3 times in one second. 11.4.21
    1 Clear instructions on using the app have been provided 11.5.6 (c)
    2 Mobile app and APIs have been security audited by Cert-in empanelled vendors. 11.5.7 (c)
    3 APIs have been hosted in secure data centers equipped with firewalls and other security features. 11.6.1 (a)
    4 Hosting service provider provides 24X7 accesses to APIs and backend databases. 11.6.1 (b)