Scope of Work

    The scope of work includes development of a cloud-based accessibility reporting solution that will be offered as a service to government entities. Solution must include the front-end user interface that is accessible through a web/mobile app. The solution will have the following features:

    Functional Requirements

    1. Ability to report non compliance with respect to any specific level of WCAG 2.1/ 2.0 (level A, AA or AAA) ( (to be clearly mentioned in the relevant places in the solution that reporting for WCAG 2.0 level AA will fulfill the accessibility requirements as per Guidelines for Indian Government websites ver 2.0)
    2. Support for ARIA attributes Roles, States, and Properties.
    3. Test complete website (by providing the top-level URL) or particular page (URL)
    4. Report Non-Compliances (NCs) as Errors and Warnings (with screenshots if required) along with a link to the relevant WCAG technique to meet that checkpoint
    5. Report Format
      • Identification of Non Compliance through markup reference.
      • On page visualizations of accessibility features like headings, landmarks, alt attributes, links and form controls
    6. Report checkpoints and features that need manual checking along with the link to the relevant description of the checkpoint
    7. Feature to create inventory of media (images, audios, videos) and documents (pdf, etc.) present on the website
    8. Facility to securely store iterative versions of assessment reports
    9. SMS/e-mail alerts if Non Compliance not rectified in a particular time
    10. Two User roles (Administrator and tester) for each website registered on the application –
      • Administrator can schedule reporting at predefined frequency or date and automatically send report in Email in Excel/PDF format
      • Administrator can turn on/off specific checkpoint to be tested on a single page or on full website and mark any checkpoint(s) as high priority
      • Administrators can customize the compliance level to be tested (WCAG 2.1 level A, AA or AAA).
      • Overview dashboard for a particular website will be available to site administrators displaying the accessibility score, current count of errors and warnings, historical review etc
      • Tester can view reports and set the rectification status for each report
      • Tester can mark a NC as resolved for a particular report
    11. A Super admin role to have access to a dashboard for all the websites/ applications/ apps registered on the solution along with drill down to each of the websites/ applications/ apps
    12. Browser Extension: The solution should also have browser extensions for popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) that can be installed on browsers and helps users to perform accessibility audit of the websites with requisite authentication
    13. App-based interface
    14. Public Dashboard displaying usage statistics of the solution

    Non-Functional Requirement

    1. Microservice based architecture
    2. Developed on open-source frameworks and technologies that are scalable, reliable and free from any third-party license
    3. Provision to expose APIs for integration with other systems
    4. Solution to use encrypted network communication
    5. No external hardware dependency to run tests
    6. Ability to add more standards in the future
    7. Use of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to simulate manual tests
    8. Fix all security related issues reported in the audit by Cert IN empanelled agency ( )
    9. Solution frontend to be accessible on any device
    10. Solution frontend to be compliant to WCAG level AA
    11. Deployment script to be made available for automatic deployment
    12. Complete Documentation