GIGW 3.0

    Quality: Guidelines and Attributes

    The National Informatics Centre has taken the initiative to develop guidelines for the National Portal of India Project. These guidelines were created after extensive consultation with representatives from various Indian government departments at both the central and state levels, as well as established guidelines from other countries and international bodies such as ISO and W3C.

    A second version of the guidelines was released in 2019 after a thorough review and consultation process by the review committee. The revised version of the guidelines has been carefully prepared to ensure its effectiveness in achieving its intended objectives.

    Revised by

    1. Ms. Alka Mishra: Scientist-G, NIC – Chairperson
    2. Dr. (Ms.) Seema Khanna: Scientist-G, NIC
    3. Sh. A. K. Upadhyaya: Scientist–G, STQC
    4. Sh. Durga Prasad Misra: Scientist-F, NIC
    5. Sh. Pankaj Sharma: Scientist–E, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
    6. Ms. Shilpi Kapoor: Chief Executive Officer, BarrierBreak
    7. Dr. Nirmita Narasimhan: Programme Director Saksham & Policy Fellow, LirneAsia
    8. Shri Lokesh Joshi: Scientist-F, NIC – Member Convener