GIGW 3.0

    Quality: Guidelines and Attributes

    The success of any government website relies heavily on the active participation and cooperation of various stakeholders. The key stakeholders include visitors, departments, developers, and evaluators. The term ‘visitors’ refers to all individuals who use the government websites to access information and avail services. The departments comprise all government entities that own a website and are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. Developers are the agencies responsible for the development and technical maintenance of the website, while evaluators test the website against established guidelines to ensure compliance and provide Website Quality Certification. The collective efforts of all these stakeholders are crucial in ensuring that government websites are informative, accessible, and user-friendly, facilitating easy access to government services and information.


    Throughout this document, the broad term ‘visitors’ encompasses all those who visit and use the Indian Government websites for their needs with regards to government information and services.


    All Government entities that own a website, including Ministries, Departments, Administrations, Organisations, Corporations etc. shall be commonly addressed as ‘Departments’ in this document for the purpose of simplicity. The term department also includes the Web Information manager who is a senior official of the department and is responsible for


    Developer refers to the agency that is developing the website.


    Evaluator is the agency/person testing a website against each of the guidelines for compliance to provide Website Quality Certification. This certification is given by STQC (Standardisation Testing Quality Certification), an organisation of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India